2016 Acro/Tumbling Class Schedule:

See Below for Class Descriptions

Acro: In this class, athletes will learn the basics of acrobatics all the way through elite level skills.  This class will put strong emphasis on teaching students the proper and safe technique that it takes to excel as a tumbler, dancer, gymnast, or acrobat.  Our instructors will spend time breaking down the progressions that make all levels of tumbling as strong as possible, as well as work with students on next level skills, flexibility, strength, and skill retention.

AcroPower: AcroPower will focus mainly on running tumbling, using the spring floor & AirTrack.  Athletes will focus on the connection of multiple skills from a running approach.

Stretching & Conditioning: In both Acro Lab’s fitness based classes; students will work on flexibility and strength.  These classes will incorporate acrobatic style workouts and training, which is ideal for building strong, lean muscle.

AirTrack Class: An AirTrack is a training surface designed for students to make their tumbling longer and higher, while being easy on the joints and the body of the tumbler.  Our facility is the first to offer a class designed directly around the AirTrack.  This class will be available for all athletes enrolled in our Acro class.  This class is designed to be a fun, yet effective way to train tumbling & build strength.

Hand Balancing: This class will focus on the importance of the handstand in all forms of tumbling.  From the most basic to the most elite tumbling, handstands have proven to be a main factor in the success of many acro/tumbling students.  This class will incorporate the art of hand balancing on our mat surface, on practice blocks, and also on raised hand balancing blocks.

Rhythmic: Rhythmic classes will incorporate the contortion side of Acro along with the movements taught in ballet.  In this class students will work towards flexibility and balance.  All ages will work towards skills like chest rolls, chest stands, scorpions, etc.  Proper technique during contortion positions and ballet movements will be emphasized in this class.