2016 Acro/Tumbling Class Descriptions:

Our Acro program puts a strong emphasis on the flexibility and strength required to succeed as a tumbler & dancer.  Each class will begin with exercise and stretching techniques, followed by a progressional style warm up.  Students will learn the basics of Acro in a beginner class (walkovers, cartwheels, etc.), while advanced class students will progress onto higher level skills (aerials, hand springs, tucks, etc.).  Students of any age will progress on an individual basis.

Rhythmic: Rhythmic classes will incorporate the contortion side of Acro along with the movements taught in ballet.  In this class students will work towards flexibility and balance.  All ages will work towards skills like chest rolls, chest stands, scorpions, etc.  Proper technique during contortion positions and ballet movements will be emphasized in this class.

TinyTots: Tiny Tumblers will introduce children to the world of Acro in the safest and most effective environment.  Students will spend time stretching and learning the foundation of tumbling (bridges, hand stands, rolls, etc.)  Since our Tiny Tumblers will be between the ages of 2.5 – 5 years, we will take time to play games that build endurance while having fun.