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The Studio L Competitive team, “The Larkin Dancers”, allow those with a passion for dance to showcase their abilities in the nation’s elite competitions. In addition to achieving the highest level of competitive success the company has been invited to perform at such prestigious events around the country. Our Company has also had the opportunity to get involved with organizations such as The Make a Wish Foundation, Tomorrow’s Children, and the Ronald McDonald House. At Studio L, we seek to make a difference not only in our student’s lives but in our community as well.

Each year candidates are selected entirely from those students who attend and audition at the conclusion of our summer dance camps. During the school year our youngest company members (average age 6) attend dance classes twice a week and our most advanced members attend 3 days. Rehearsals are scheduled during the year for learning new choreography and preparing for competitions and performances. For those younger students who exhibit a love for dance we offer a Pre-Competitive program with an hour and a half to three hours of dance classes during the week. These students have the opportunity to dance at a more advanced level and develop the technique required to become a “Larkin Dancer”.

Larkin Dancers 2013-2014 Individual & Duet/Trio Achievements

Karis Cho • 1st Overall Petite Solo at Believe and Starpower
Ava Paliotta • 1st Overall Petite Solo at Showbiz• Petite Miss Showbiz
Isabella Raabe • Petite Miss Starpower
Ava Mauriello• 1st Overall Petite Solo at Velocity
Anthony Mauriello• Mini Mr. Believe and Showbiz
Gavin Miele• Petite Mr. Starpower
Juliana Friedman• Jr. Miss Believe and Starpower • 1st Overall at Starpower and Velocity
Kailey Dierk• 1st Overall at Believe and Showbiz
Maddy Stewart• Jr. Miss Showbiz
Jenna Kyme• 1st Overall at Starpower• Teen Miss Starpower and Showbiz
Nicole Sullivan• 1st Overall at Showbiz
Micaela Mongelli• Miss Believe and Showbiz
Caroline Kim• 1st Overall at Believe
Courtney Sullivan• 1st Overall at Starpower
Alfred Lockhart: Mr. Believe
Run To You• Alfred Lockhart & Caroline Kim• 1st Overall at Believe
Sorella• Caitlin Sullivan & Courtney Sullivan • 1st Overall at Starower
Don’t You Want Me• Amanda Scerbo & Alfred Lockhart•1st overall at Showbiz
Grapevine• Jenna Kyme, Nicole Sullivan & Micaela Mongelli• 1st Overall at Velocity, Starpower, Believe & Showbiz
Let It Be• Ava Mauriello & Gavin Miele• 1st Overall at Believe
Beauty and the Beast• Greer Shpigler & Anthony Mauriello• 1st Overall at Velocity, Starpower, Believe & Showbiz
Charlies Angels• Morgan Zysman, Jamie Moallem & Gabby Pascarelli• 1st Overall at Velocity


Larkin Dancers 2012-2013 Individual & Duet/Trio Achievements

Hunter Schnall • Petite Miss Starpower and Petite Miss Nexstar
Ava Politis • 1st Overall Petite Solo at Nexstar
Juliana Friedman • 1st Overall Jr. Solo at Nexstar, Starpower, NYCDA & Showbiz• Miss Jr. Nexstar• Miss Jr. Starpower• Miss Jr. Showbiz
Ava Marino • 1st Overall Solo at Nexstar • Teen Miss Nexstar • Teen Miss Starpower
Courtney Sullivan • 1st Overall solo at Starpower
Nicole Sullivan • 1st Overall solo at NYCDA
Jenna Kyme • 1st Overall solo at Showbiz • Miss Teen Showbiz
Micaela Mongelli • 1st Overall Solo at Nexstar • Miss Nexstar
Emily Trinkler • Miss Starpower • Miss Showbiz
Sara Sepulveda • 1st Overall Solo at Starpower and Showbiz
Tyler Glovin • Mr. Showbiz
Take Off • Gabriella Raia & Michael Iannaccone • 1st Overall Jr Duet/Trio at Nexstar, Starpower and NYCDA
Heart Cry • Courtney & Caitlin Sullivan • 1st Overall Teen Duet/Trio at Nexstar, Starpower, NYCDA and Showbiz
Grapevine •  Jaclyn Poulis, Emily Trinkler & Molly Martel •  1st Overall Duet/Trio at Starpower, NYCDA & Showbiz


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