“My daughter learned so much more in one year when The Killer Larkin gals took over, than the previous two years.

The transformation that Melina has gone through in this last year has been an astonishing surprise. Her moves, dedication, passion and confidence are due in large part of Kelley and the entire staff at Studio L. There’s not a week that goes by that Kelley doesn’t stop tell her what a great job she’s doing. That recognition & support is so crucial to children as they are learning their craft.

After this past recital, I picked up the phone and thanked Kelley and her staff for not only putting together an outstanding recital but I thanked her for helping my daughter blossom in to the wonderful little performer she has become today but; more importantly, I thanked her for always encouraging her to keep trying harder. As a mother, that is priceless.”

 ~ Sylvia Lasalandra-Frodella

“Coming to Studio L from another studio, I was very nervous for my daughter about fitting in and building new friendships and embracing a new dance family. Kelley, Danielle and the Staff have made the transition a very easy one, for that I am grateful.

I see the admiration in her eyes, she looks forward to Saturday mornings and most of all she loves dancing again. At only age 4 last year she hated to go to dance, she was afraid and sad. This year, Studio L continued to encourage her and now age 5 she loves dancing again. She tells me all the time she wants to be like her dance teachers.”

 ~ Cindi Washington

“Studio L provides a broad spectrum of dance instruction for everyone! I chose Studio L for my daughters after I saw their dance team perform at a local competition. The Studio L dancers were extraordinary! I thought the choreography, technique, and costumes were amazing! I wanted my daughter who dances competitively to be a member of such a talented studio. My other daughter dances in the Studio L recreational program.  These classes are fun, instructional, and help the students develop confidence and poise.  Studio L is a wonderful place for all levels of dance education!”
- Gigi Byrne
Dejan  Rosie


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