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Our “Star Is Born” class is an exciting program that is specifically designed for our youngest dancers (ages 2.5-4) who will are introduced to the most popular styles of dance, including Ballet, Tap and Jazz. They will train in those styles while also focusing on coordination, motor skills and rhythm through song and dance activities. This class is a great way to introduce your tiny dancer to basic dance fundamentals and we can guarantee that you will see their love for dance blossom!


Dancers will require pink ballet shoes and black patent leather tap shoes. Dancers may wear any colored ballet leotard with pink tights!



Our Hip Hop classes are a Studio L class favorite! While we integrate breaking, locking and popping, we also incorporate new dance styles that are trending around the world. With today’s most popular music, our Hip Hop classes are the best ways to get your dancer moving and learning! We’ll work with your dancer on coordination, musicality and teach them different choreography weekly, which allows them to work on memorization. Get your child moving and grooving in one of our hip hop classes TODAY!


Dancers require black hightop converse shoes. Dancers should wear dance top, or tank, leggings, shorts, or sweatpants. Please no jeans!

Our Combo class is an amazing program to help our younger dancers build a strong foundation of dance. This class will incorporate Ballet, Tap, and Jazz techniques while teaching dancers to improve their coordination and musicality. By incorporating innovative moves in current music, we find that it keeps our younger dancers engaged and excited to be able learn several new things in one class period. They always leave wanting more, and come back eager to learn!


Dancers will need black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, and tan turners. Dancer should wear either leotard and tights, dance top and shorts, leggings, etc.



Our Ballet/Lyrical class is a combination class which infuses Jazz, Ballet, and Modern techniques. This is a great stepping stone for dancers who want to take their ballet training to a higher stylistic level. This class not only focuses on technique but is also widely focused on expression and emotions through movement and lyrics. This class is highly recommended for dancers of all ages!


Dancers will require tan turners. Dancers should wear either leotard and tights or dance top and shorts.


Our Tap and Jazz class is a spectacular program that will get your dancer to focus on rhythm, coordination, musicality, flexibility and movement! Combining both dance styles allows your dancer to express themselves through the sounds of their tapping feet and the motion through their body!


Dancers will require tan turners and black tap shoes. Dancers should wear either leotard and tights or dance top and shorts.


In addition to our Hip Hop classes, we also offer Hip hop classes for BOYS ONLY! This gives our boys the freedom to connect with one another and just dance! We incorporate breaking, popping, locking and also include todays most popular music, dance styles, and games such as Fortnite! This is an amazing class that will definitely teach your son the coolest and latest dance moves, while improving coordination  both on and off the dance floor!


Dancers require sneakers, sweatpants, shorts, t-shirt, etc.


In the case of inclement weather, please visit our Facebook page to find out if class is cancelled. If your child must miss class due to sickness, he/she will be allowed to make-up the missed class by attending any of our regular scheduled classes that are in the same age category of your child. There are NO refunds for missed classes if your child can’t attend an alternate class.

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