This class is specifically designed for children 3 to 5 years of age. In this fun and exciting class, students will work on their listening skills, basics and fundamentals, and having fun while doing so. Children will have fun learning basic shapes, rolls, handstands, and cartwheels.


This class is only for students who have met the required criteria of a standing back handspring and round-off back handspring.  This intense class will have you sweating and working hard. You will be learning the more advanced aspects of tumbling such as tucks, pikes, whips, layouts, and full twisting layouts.

This class is designed for students 6 years of age and older who are excited to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics.  Students will be working on strength, flexibility, and basic skills. These elements will become the core building blocks as they eventually move up to intermediate. They include: one-arm cartwheels, cartwheel step-ins, bridges, and backbends, etc. 


This class is designed for students, who have the knowledge of all their fundamentals and basics in order to advance forward in their learning capabilities. At this level, you will be improving upon your back/front walkovers, aerials, and back/front handspring, along with other essential skills required to advance your learning.


Stretching & Conditioning classes are dedicated to helping your child strengthen and develop their core muscles, as a way to help them make the most of their potential as young athletes. Students participate in full-body workouts, building endurance, and strength that will help them improve for years down the line. The dynamism of the class means students always have the opportunity to work in a setting geared towards them, developing their strength and flexibility. Under the supervision of well-trained instructors, classes focus on improving strength, longevity, and mobility.


Do you want to learn Cirque du Soleil Acrobatic Elements?


Acrobatic Gymnastics or Partner Acro is an ancient activity that emphasizes the combined beauty of dance and acrobatics. Gymnastics skills add excitement to the exercises. Acrobatic balances show grace, strength, and flexibility. Choreography and synchronization add flare and creativity to each exercise. Acrobatic Gymnastics is fun for athletes of any age and athletic ability. This sport is a partner sport for athletes of all ages, shapes, and sizes. 


Contortion is one of the feats of the human body that can arise from well-rounded, persistent training. This class is a perfect fit for a child interested in not only improving in a specific sport, but in having healthier muscles in general. Professional instructors guide students in a range of contortion activities, helping polish your child’s skill in flexibility, balance, and acrobatics. Students leave our contortion classes in a new, healthy, and natural range of motion, enhancing their talents in their other physical activities.

Come try out our open gyms!  In this class, you will find students of various levels. This is a great time to come in and work on skills that you need to improve upon, perhaps add a new element to your routine, or brush off the cobwebs, and get back on the mat, if you haven’t tumbled in a while! Combined with structure, high focus, and skilled instruction- whatever your goal is, this class is just for you! 



We have many different types of surfaces to accommodate a variety of styles of acrobatic skills and levels. Whether the student is a dancer, cheerleader, or gymnast, we have a tumbling surface so athletes can transition skills safely. 


  • 25 meter AcroSport competition rod floor with run up and landing zone (The same floor that was used at the 2014 World Championships for Trampoline & Tumbling)

  • 15.2 meter (50ft) P3 airtrack from Airtrack Factory 

  • 20 meter spring floor strip 

  • Eurotramp double mini trampoline 

  • Rebound fixed frame 7x14 string bed competition trampoline with end decks 

  • 20 meter spring floor strip 

  • 25 meter EVA carpet bonded foam floor